Cannons of Borokuthi

Borokuthi had his independent defence capabilities. It had few cannons and musketry to be used when attacked or needed. Description of cannons are given in O Mally’s Gazette published in 1916. I am quiting from there: “The Building also mounted some canon. These have been removed to Shikarpur, a concern of the Midnapore Zamindari Company in Nadia; but one may still be seen in the police lines at Rampur-Boalia, where it served till a few years ago as the midday gun. It has a monogram, roughly cut on the barrel, composed of the letters V.O.C.A. The first three letters must represent Vereenigde Ostindiche Companie, i.e., the United East India Company. I have no knowledge of Dutch to enable me to say what A stands for; possibly it represents Artillery. Another relic of the Dutch is an un-mounted swivel gun, 7 feet long, which has been taken from the Boro Kuthi to the bungalow of the Manager of the  Midnapore Zamindari Company at Maricha in Murshidabad. Enquiry has shown that swivel guns of the same type are common in the Malay States, where they were used by the Dutch and Portuguese in their struggle for supremacy in the Far East, and afterwards by Malay pirates, who eagerly adopted such useful weapons. They were small portable cannon mounted on swivels and were generally placed in the bulwarks of junks or parahus to repel or assist in an attack. It is probable that this particular gun came from one of the Dutch boats that went along the river laden with silk and other valuable cargo.”

Few pictures of VOC cannons are included in this entry. These pictures were taken at Netherland (Hoorn and Enkhuizen).

VOC CannonCannon marked with VOCE (means cannon of Enkhuizen Chamber of VOC)

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  1. Florus Geraedts says:

    Dear Lutful Haq bhai, this is an Interesting initiative and good idea to spread awareness under Rajshahi inhabitants about their local history and heritage. VOC A = Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, Kamer Amsterdam. VOC Z = Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, Kamer Zeeland. VOC E = Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, Kamer Enkhuizen.

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