An Appeal

Borokuthi is the oldest building at Rajshahi city. It is almost 300 years old. We can’t separate our history and heritage from Borokuthi. Borokuthi has witnessed all the major political, social and economical changes of Rajshahi in last 3 centuries. In all standard we should conserve Borokuthi. But the present occupants are not friendly to Borokuthi, their activities are detrimental to its survival. If it continues like the way it is now, I don’t think it will take much time for Borokuthi to vanish in the blue. Can we allow Borokuthi to get destroyed just like the way present occupants are doing. No, we must not let it happen. I appeal to all, who loves Borokuthi and Rajshahi, – please come forward and raise your voice through this blog. Force the authorities to protect and preserve Borokuthi.

A short history of Borokuthi will posted soon.

Borokuthi from South-East

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